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    Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) work in tandem to create powerful online identities. We can help manage your online presence in both regards. We are intimately familiar with both SEO and SMO to grow online identities quickly and sustainably Read More
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    Looking to find out a little more about us and our work?
    Check out samples of our previous work, as well as current open source and private projects we are working on.
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    It all starts with a fantastic website. The foundation of a strong online identity is a website that is flexible, scalable, and modern. Do not let your website hold you back. Let us help you brainstorm, design, and publish a website that expresses you. Read More
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    We understand the importance of mobile visibility. Responsive templates and professional services bring mobile websites to life. Your website will look as great on a desktop as it does on a phone. Read More
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Our Core Services

Website Design

Define Yourself on The Web

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Get Better Results

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Brand Management

The Foundation of an Online Identity

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Domains & Hosting

Host With Confidence

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We use the latest version of HTML to bring customers’ websites to the web and mobile in a very semantic and accessible way.


We use Javascript to leverage modern client-side frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJs, Backbone and PhoneGap (or Cordova) .


We have a passion for CSS, via SASS or LESS of course ;) and use it to bring our customers stunning UI and UX creations to life.


We take the pain out of mobile application development by leveraging PhoneGap allowing us to use HTML/JS/CSS to write your app.

Our Identity Creation Process

The initial steps in this process are crucial. If not executed correctly and in the the correct order, you and your company will face issues in the future.

Hosting & Domain Name

Setup the domain, hosting, SSL and Email services.

Wire framing and UI/UX

Define the project requirements and agree upon goals.

Design Website & Brand

Bring the project to life, iterating as needed.

Setup Social Channels

Start engaging with your targeted user base.

Our Core Philosophy

My philosophy is to leverage outstanding technology to distribute outstanding content. In this sense, I am a technology and content evangelists, with my customers always in the forefront of our minds. The three main tenets of my philosophy are:


I only work with the most powerful and efficient cloud based search engine and social media optimization tools. I want to focus on creating great websites and content. The technology can take care of the distribution.

By leveraging great technology, I help my customers' disseminate content in the most efficient and effective way possible. I want time spent on what is shared, not the sharing of it.

Staying Ahead:

In today’s online world, whatever happened a few months ago is potentially very outdated. The key to a strong online identity is staying current, with what people want to hear, and how they are hearing it.

I spend hours relentlessly researching and staying on top of new trends. While this is time consuming, it’s essential to the success of the online identities I manage. My clients have come to expect a certain level of knowledge and I aim to deliver.

Customer Centric:

My philosophy involves frequent communication with my customers, and frequent strategy refinement. I am here to execute my customer’s vision of their online identity.

I am an extension of the customer’s marketing team, and in some cases, their entire marketing team. While I operate with discipline, I operate with the philosophy that the customer is the center of my service, not a pre-packaged, one size fits all, plan.

The Element Apps Mission:

We first strive to create great mobile friendly websites and content - the foundation of our customer’s online voice. We then ensure our customers’ voices are found all over the web, from search engines to social media websites.


Online users know quality, from websites to content. We create quality work, that is well thought out, and well distributed.


We seek to find and use the best cloud based tools that focus on the most important online identity management activities.


Online identity management is complicated. Due to the technical complexities and ever changing landscape, we adjust strategies to use the most update resources and tools.


While we provide structured services with clear deliverables and frequent interaction, we also understand that every customer needs a unique online strategy.

  • Mobile Development

    I ♥ Phonegap/HTML5/JS

    Mobile websites allow customers to reach out to the ever growing audience of mobile users. I use the latest technologies to ensure scalability and cross device compatibility. Customers are asking, “does mobile fit into my online identity?” Most are saying “yes.”

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  • Website Development

    Make a strong first impression.

    The foundation of a strong online identity is a customer’s website. I help my customers build that foundation and grow upon it. Why write great blogs that lead to an outdated website? I help customers get interest, and keep interest via modern websites that express brand and culture.

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What People Are Saying About Me

See what my customers think about my services.
  • When Anthony set up our online identity, they talked to us every day and completed the process in a few days. He did’nt just look to us to tell them what we wanted; he also offered suggestions based on current trends. B. PhillipsLos Angeles, CA
  • Anthony has been a key partner in both our online identity management and our mobile app development strategy. He has worked with us to continually update our website, and have provided outstanding content. J. SmithJacksonville, FL
  • Before working with Anthony, I was overwhelmed by social media, and did not understand how to use it. Now social media is a big part of my day to day marketing. If anyone needs a social media expert, they should talk to Element Apps. J. ParkLos Angeles, CA
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